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Photo album of Barney Rosset



Issue #100 Fall/Winter 1998 >>

Including "A Letter to the Editor" by Maurice Girodias and "Lolita and Mr. Girodias" by Vladimir Nabokov. Also: "My Mother and I Would Like to Know" by William S. Burroughs, "Pigs, Prague, Chicago, Other Democrats, and the Sleeper in the Park" by John Schultz, "Where It All Began: The Landing in Cuba" by Che Guevara. Poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane DiPrima, and "Capriccio to Djuna" by Michael O'Donoghue.


Issue #101 Winter 1998-1999 >>

With "Fish Waif" by Michael O'Donoghue and Eric Bach, "Fuzz Against Junk" by Akbar Del Piombo, Maurice Girodias on "Lolita, Nabokov and I". Plus news of community gardens in NY vs. Rudy Guiliani, fiction from Ghislaine Dunant, Mia Young, William Bryant, and others.


Issue #102 Winter 1999 >>

Featuring: J.G Ballard on "The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Considered as a Downhill Motor Race". Poetry from Michael Bruner, Charles Plymell, Aric Allenn. Plane crash in Thailand, and Michael O'Donoghue on "Paris in the Twenties".


Issue #103 Fall/Winter 1999 >>

Unauthorized supplemental text to Lolita, "Lo's Diary" discussed, including excerpts by Pia Pera, commentary Dmitri Nabokov, a review of the book by Martin Garbus. Also letters from Vladimir Nabokov and Maurice Girodias on Lolita itself.


Issue #104 January 2001 >>

Remembering Joan Mitchell, with photos and writing by Barney Rosset and Richard Milazzo. Excerpts of Jew Boy by Alan Kaufman and Sitting Shiva by Elliot Feldman. Poetry by Ko Un, Ludovic Janvier, others. Notes from the Underground feature on the National Book Critics Circle Life Time Achievement Award to Barney Rosset.


Issue #105 June 2002 >>

Barney Rosset Turns 80; Publishers Weekly honors Rosset with the Curtis Benjamin Award. See his war photos from China, 1944-1945. Photography by Emil Cadoo, fiction by Lin Hendler, and Poetry by Spoon Jackson, Richard Milazzo, Robert Gibbons, Felix Fojas and Urquiza Vicente.


Issue #106 February 2003 >>

Barney Rosset visits Samuel Beckett's home town, in "Trip of a Lifetime" by Frank Shouldice, with a feature on Rosset and Beckett from Irish Independent Weekend. Also: Vintage piece from 1967, "Tomi Ungerer's Girls", with fiction "Club Orchid" by Nami Mun. A play entitled "Doug" by Jerome Chapman, with poetry by Rick Furman, Mary de Rachewiltz, Stephen Bett and Valery Oisteanu, and "The Deer's Path", illustrations and story by Mayumi Oda.


Issue #107 Annual issue, 2004 >>

A feature on then-presidential hopeful John Kerry, reprinting his piece from a 1971 Evergreen, "Words of a Winter Soldier". Also Henry Miller's "Man in the Zoo: George Grosz' Ecce Homo". Article: "Grove Press at the Vanguard". Poems by Andrew Shields, Richard Milazzo, Kwon Jun Hyung and Daisy Friedman. Fiction by Chantal Rosset and Steven Marshall Newton, and two pieces of satire by S.D. Mulligan and Michael Guinzburg.


Issue #108, 2004 >>

"I RECALL I WAS RAPING Josephine Boulanger" - Humor from Michael O'Donoghue, reprinting his 1965 Evergreen piece, "Paris in the Twenties". Also new satire from S.D. Mulligan, "Yellow Dog Democrat", and a reprint from 1920, "The Olympian Games in Athens, 1896" by Burton Holmes. Poetry by Mark Jackley, Dean Barrett and Ace Boggess. Review of Mia Yun by Jim Feast, and fiction by James Lewelling and Jim Hazard.


Issue #109, 2004 >>

Fiction by Muhammad Nasrullah Khan, Jim Feast, Obi, Idious Buguise and Jackie Blackman. Poetry by A.D. Winans, Chivas Sandage, Lawrence Carradini, Anyssa Kim, John Wieners, David Amram, Simon Perchik, and Regina Cherry. Also Reviews of Robert Gibbons Body of Time, Michael Lally's March 18, 2003 and Mary Morris' Revenge.


Issue #110, 2004-2005 >>

Interview with Ron Whitehead, with Fiction by Garth Risk Hallberg, I.C. Gatsiounis, Kenneth Tindall, Court Merrigan, Alain Arias-Misson, and Dona Breckenridge. Numerous poems, including "Subway Systems" by Steve Dalachinsky. Plus reviews by Jim Feast on William Bryant, Wanda Phipps, Wiltold Gombrowicz, Clayton Patterson, and Vincent Katz.


Issue #111, 2006 >>

John Minihan's Photos of Samuel Beckett, and a piece on Film by Beckett, "Awkward Silence at MOMA". Poetry by Margarita Shalina, Andrew Stacey, Lukus Zuker and Nancy Lynn Weber. Also: fiction by D. Foy O'Brien, Kevin Murphy, James Lewelling, Rosemary Winfield, Moshe Dann, and Charles Blackstone. Jim Feast reviews Ed Halter, William Bryant and Andrei Codrescu.


Issue #112, 2007 >>

Evergreen celebrates its 50th Year. A Tribute to Bill Rice (1931-2006) with "From The Memoirs of Josiah Fludd, M.D." by Terry Richard Bazes, "Analogue Days" by Nicholas Roehl, "Italian faces and places" by Valery Oisteanu, other fiction, reviews and poetry.


Issue #113, 2007 >>

A meditation on death by Eric E. Carr, with fiction from Tree Riesener, Lee R. Haven and Marvin Ster, "How Sound Travels" by Frank Smith, and three reviews from Jim Feast.


Issue #114, 2007-2008 >>

Fiction by Ranvir Singh Parmar and "The First Bomb Maker" by Dan Agin. "Slow Motion Lobotomy" by Steve Young, "Playing for Time" by Henry Hudson and "Saintly Acts" by Bonny Finberg. A Play by Brad Chequer entitled The Interview, and poetry by Adrian Heathcote, Susan Yung, Robert Gibbons, Bill Edmondson, R.W. Watkins, and Richard Stevenson.


Issue #115, 2008 >>

Regina Derieva's poem "Curriculum Vitae On This World and the Next" translated by Ilya Bernstein, more poetry by Andrew McCarron, Dennis Nurske, and Judson Simmons; fiction by John Bennett, Robert M. Detman, John Hardoby and Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy; hard-hitting non-fiction by O.P. Sharma and Lee R. Haven, and Jim Feast reviews Scenes from the East Hill Farm: Seasons with Allen Ginsberg, Upbeat: Nine Lives of a Musical Cat, and more.


Issue #116, 2008 >>

Read Christopher G. Moore's review of The Risk of Infidelity Index, John Nathan's review of Living Carelessly in Tokyo and Elsewhere, and Marnia Lezreg's review of Torture and the Twilight of the Empire. Poetry by Valery Oisteanu, Mike Topp, Michael Maggioto, Tantra Bensko and Mia Yun. Fiction by Ryan Rowe, David McGrath, and Stan Adler.


Issue #117, Feb. 2009 >>

Fiction by Karl Taro Greenfield, H. Edward Fool, Robin Crane, and Nick Sweet, Poetry by Richard Cummings, Valery Oisteanu and Robert Gibbons, essays and reviews by Jim Feast, Matt Peterson and Kevin J. Hayes, and Mike Topp's Stuyvesant Bee #72.


Issue #118, June 2009 >>

With a new design: Poets include Robert Gibbons, Paul Kavanaugh, Time Keane, and Clif Mason. Fiction writers include Adrian West, Marvin Cotlar, and Nancy Lynn Weber. "Notes from the Underground" continues with Jacob Collins, Aaron Lake Smith and Zane Grant. Reviews of Intellectual Life, You Are Here and America: a History in Verse.


Issue #119, August 2009 >>

Featuring Samuel Beckett's radio play Embers; a classic 1959 reprint from Evergreen No. 9 of Henry Miller's essay "In Defense of the Freedom to Read." Fiction from Jennifer Juneau, Aliya Tyus-Barnwell, Kristie Betts Letter, Kathryn Savage, Wendy Ashlee Coleman, Rich Mallery and Brian Van Reet. Poetry from Barbara Flug Colin, Klipschutz, David Aplaugh, Grayson Stocks, Andrew McCarron, and Donovan Davidson.  Poetry by Hiromi Yoshida, Michael Brandonisio, Lee Stern, Siobhan Webb, Michael Sweet, and Matt Jasper.  Reviews by Rami Shamir, Jim Feast and Anitta Santiago.


Issue #120, October 2009 >>

Evergreen Music, presented by Ethan Persoff: Ladies and Gentlemen, Paris Records, featuring out-of-print recordings of Allen Ginsberg and Kathy Acker. Classic reprint: Cartoons from Ami and R. Rewal


Issue #121, December 2009 >>

Fiction by Francis Levy and Paul Kavanaugh; "A Day Spent in Hell" by Ethan Persoff and "Hi-tech Taliban" by Alan Kaufman; reviews by Rami Shamir, Jim Feast, and Hester Einstein; poetry by Brian Beatty, Keith Wilson, Jim Reed and more.


Issue #122, March 2010 >>

Barbara Flug Colin interviews Robert Motherwell; "Rue Samuel Beckett" by Marek Kędzierski; parts 1-8 of Stan Adler and Brad Brown's art and text piece"40";  poetry by Jon Bennet, Matthew Dickens, Yotam Hadass and more; fiction by Russell Hoover, John Thornton and Rich Mallery; reviews by Jim Feast and Rami Shamir.


Issue #123, June 2010 >>

Barney Rosset's "Nightmare in the Stone Forest," and more non-fiction by Jim Feast, Ron Singer, Robert Morgan, and Jerry Tallmer; fiction by John Branscum, Aashish Kaul, Mark Lyons, and more; poetry by Chavisa Woods, Michael March, Patrick Walsh, and more.


Issue #124, September 2010 >>

Part I of The New San Francisco Poetry Underground featuring Stellar Cassidy, Shyeanne Powers, Andrew Paul Nelson, J. Brandon Loberg, Nic Burrose and Charlie Getter.  Chris Coles’ paintings The Bangkok Night.  Jim Feast reviews Fiona Sze-Lorrain’s Water and the Moon.  Chapters 9-16 of Brad Brown and Stan Adler’s “40” drawings and corresponding narratives.  Fiction by Lucia Vincent, Trevor J. Houser and others.  Other poetry, humor, fiction, and reviews.


Issue #125, December 2010-January 2011 >>

Alan Kaufman edits the second installation of The New San Francisco Poetry Underground.  Other poetry by Valery Oisteanu, Francis Levy, and Leo Racicot.  Non-fiction by Christopher G. Moore, Barney Rosset and Bob Bergin in Bergin’s "When Lives Converge".   Fiction by Tyler Garant: "In Search of Something Greater – Expulsion".  Jim Feast writes the (almost) unspeakable in his review: "Avatar: A Film in Which the Hatred of Life is Almost Unspeakable".  Other reviews by Rami Shamir, Kevin Riordan, Christopher G. Moore, along with more fiction, poetry and humor.


Issue #126, Spring 2011 >>

Christopher G. Moore on "The Official Killer’s Handbook".  Steve Dalachinsky reviews Bettina Jonic’s "The Bitter Mirror" Songs by Bob Dylan and Bertold Brecht.  Steve Sohmer’s "The Writer Who Fell in Love with the Most Beautiful Girl in the World" and an excerpt from Rami Shamir’s Train to Pokipse, among other fiction.  The final installation of "The New San Francisco Poetry Underground" with contributions from Jonathon Siegal, Duo Von Dagrate, "Mumbles" Baraka Noel, Nicole McFeely and Maureen Blennerhassett .  More poetry by Arthur Vogelsang, Richard Milazzo, and others. 


Issue #127, Summer 2011 >

Feature: Navigating the Bangkok Noir, paintings by Chris Coles and text by Christopher G. Moore. This issue also includes an excerpt of All the Rest Divine by Bonny Finberg, as well as more fiction by Shane Ryan Bailey, Bret Bass, Tom Bonfiglio, Benjamin Smith and Francis Levy. Non-fiction by Bob Bergin, Bettina Jonic and Sean Kilpatrick. Poetry by Valery Oisteanu, Matt Cook, Clif Mason, G. David Schwartz, and Arthur Vogelsang. Anna Mockler reviews Mike Topps' Sasquatch Stories, Kevin Riordan reviews Footsteps to Forever by R. Samuel Baty, and Jim Feast discusses Battle Scars by John Bennett and The New World by Tom Clark, as well as reviews Countdown to Immortality by FM2030 and The Artist and Globalization by Robert Morgan.


Issue #128, Summer 2011 >

Feature: America's Great Game by William Bryant. Cristina Garrigos and Daniela Daniele review The United States of Banana by Giannina Braschi. Other reviews by Anna Mockler, Steve Dalachinsky, Kevin Riordan, and Jim Feast. This issue also includes an interview of Barney Rosset written by Leo Edelstein, and Christopher G. Moore's Khmer Rouge Noir; other non-fiction contributors include Bob Bergin, Jeffrey Essmann, and Nicholas Machiavelli. Fiction by Sujatha Gidla, Brian Van Reet, Julie Carl, Margaret Zamos-Monteith, Mike Zapata, and Marwa Berro. Mike Topp contributes "Stuyvesant Bee 104." Poetry by Patrick Walsh, Chivas Sandage, Henry C. Smith, Tiffany Nguyen, Rachelle Bijou, and Gary McDonald.



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